Editorial policies

Focus and scope

DMTCS is a high standard peer-reviewed electronic journal devoted to rapid publication of innovative research which covers the fields of Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science and puts a certain emphasis on the intersection of these two fields.

Section policies


Analysis of algorithms

Automata, logics and semantics


Discrete algorithms

Distributed Computing and networking

Graph Theory

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Peer review process

Submissions to DMTCS undergo a scientific peer review process that is initiated and organized by an editor. The first stage of this review process is to decide whether or not the submission fits well into the scope of DMTCS and to estimate if there are chances for it to be accepted. 
The purpose of the reviewing process is then to eventually improve the submission, correct eventual flaws and come to a final decision of whether or not the manuscript is accepted for publication.
The reviewing is done by anonymous referees, that provide their feedback to the authors and the editors via detailed reports. These reports must in particular clearly state the decision that is proposed and give the reasons for which the referee has come to her or his conclusion.
For rejection a single but well justified report is sufficient.
For acception two well justified reports or one report and a well founded opinion of the editor is necessary.

Publication frequency

Author's manuscripts are published as soon as they have been accepted and are be available internationally via the Internet. Due to the combined efforts of our authors (who typeset their final document with our LaTeX style) and our volunteers (who do the final layout) the time between acceptance and final publication has a median below 2 weeks.

Open access policy

DMTCS is free of charge for both, authors and readers.