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Special issues (26 articles)

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Editors: Sergi Elizalde ; Christoph Haase ; Dieter Rautenbach ; Hadas Shachnai

Analysis of Algorithms (44 articles)

Analysis of algorithms is concerned with accurate estimates of complexity parameters of algorithms and aims at predicting the behaviour of a given algorithm run in a given environment. It develops general methods for obtaining closed-form formulae, asymptotic estimates, and probability distributions for combinatorial or probabilistic quantities, that are of interest in the optimization of algorithms. Interest is also placed on the methods themselves, whether combinatorial, probabilistic, or analytic. Combinatorial and statistical properties of discrete structures (strings, trees, tries, dags, graphs, and so on) as well as mathematical objects (e.g., continued fractions, polynomials, operators) that are relevant to the design of efficient algorithms are investigated.

Automata, Logic and Semantics (54 articles)

This section of DMTCS is devoted to publishing original research from several domains covered by Volume B of the Handbook of Theoretical Computer Science (Elsevier Publisher). Our scope is suggested by the following list of keywords: automata theory, automata-theoretic complexity, automatic program verification, combinatorics of words, coding theory, concurrency, data bases, formal languages, functional programming, logic in computer science, logic programming, program specification, rewriting, semantics of programming languages, theorem proving.

Editors: Henning Fernau ; Christoph Haase ; Juhani Eero Urho Karhumäki ; Andreas Maletti ; Anca Muscholl ; Daniel Reidenbach ; Howard Straubing ; Val Tannen

Combinatorics (137 articles)

This section seeks high quality research articles in all aspects of combinatorics, including enumerative combinatorics, probabilistic combinatorics, extremal combinatorics, algebraic combinatorics, additive combinatorics, bijections and mappings to enumeration, structural and enumerative properties of combinatorial objects, ordered sets, posets, quasi-orderings, combinatorial structures with geometric properties, combinatorial geometry, combinatorial objects in statistical physics, positional games, power series and generating functions. 

Editors: Olivier Bernardi ; Michael Drmota ; Sergi Elizalde ; Stefan Felsner ; Kolja Knauer ; Matjaz Konvalinka ; Christian Krattenthaler ; Milos Stojakovic

Discrete Algorithms (48 articles)

The section covers research in all aspects of the design and analysis of discrete algorithms. This extends also to data structures, combinatorial structures, and lower bounds.


Topics includes: Algorithmic aspects of networks - Algorithmic game theory - Approximation algorithms - Combinatorial optimization - Computational biology - Distributed algorithms - Computational geometry - Data compression - Data structures - Databases and information retrieval - Graph algorithms - Hierarchical memories - Mobile computing - On-line algorithms - Parallel algorithms - Parametrized complexity - Pattern matching - Randomized algorithms - Scheduling - Streaming algorithms

Editors: Mikkel Abrahamsen ; Sergio Cabello ; Anne Driemel ; Isabelle Guérin Lassous ; Klaus Jansen ; Christian Komusiewicz ; Kitty Meeks ; M. S. Ramanujan ; Ignasi Sau ; Hadas Shachnai ; Zsolt Tuza ; Rob van Stee

Distributed Computing and Networking (17 articles)

This section of Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science concerns the theoretical foundations of distributed/parallel computing and of communication networks. We aim to publish high quality scientific papers dealing with questions of modeling, design and analysis of applications, platforms and algorithms in that domain. Topics include but are not limited to: parallel, distributed and grid computing; networking; mobile computing; dynamical networks and environments; complex systems.

Graph Theory (228 articles)

This section of Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science seeks high quality articles on structural and algorithmic aspects of graphs and related discrete mathematical models. We particularly seek topics with an intersection between discrete mathematics and computer science. We handle submissions in all areas of finite graph theory.

Editors: Pierre Aboulker ; Jørgen Bang-Jensen ; Bostjan Bresar ; Daniel Goncalves ; Adriana Hansberg ; Frederic Havet ; Michael Anthony Henning ; Tomas Kaiser ; Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi ; Peter Keevash ; Jaehoon Kim ; William Lochet ; Christophe Paul ; Alexandre Pinlou ; Dieter Rautenbach ; Zoltán Szigeti ; Anders Yeo ; Ueverton dos Santos Souza

Graph and Algorithms (65 articles)

This section is closed because it has been split into two new sections, Graph Theory and Discrete Algorithms

Permutation Patterns (33 articles)

This section handles the special issue of DMTCS for 13th International Permutation Patterns conference that has been held in London, UK, 15-19 June.

Special guest editors are 

Jonathan Bloom

Mathilde Bouvel

Robert Brignall



special issue FCT'15 (4 articles)

This is a special issue for the 20th International Symposium on Fundamentals of Computation Theory, Gdansk, Poland

guest editors Igor Walukiewicz and Adrian Kosowski