Vol. 18 no. 1

1. Persisting randomness in randomly growing discrete structures: graphs and search trees

Rudolf Grübel.
The successive discrete structures generated by a sequential algorithm from random input constitute a Markov chain that may exhibit long term dependence on its first few input values. Using examples from random graph theory and search algorithms we show how such persistence of randomness can be detected and quantified with techniques from discrete potential theory. We also show that this approach can be used to obtain strong limit theorems in cases where previously only distributional convergence was known.
Section: Analysis of Algorithms

2. The game colouring number of powers of forests

Stephan Dominique Andres ; Winfried Hochstättler.
We prove that the game colouring number of the $m$-th power of a forest of maximum degree $\Delta\ge3$ is bounded from above by \[\frac{(\Delta-1)^m-1}{\Delta-2}+2^m+1,\] which improves the best known bound by an asymptotic factor of 2.
Section: Graph Theory